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Mentis Cohorts is a game that has I have been throwing around since I was 10 or 11 years old.

Mentis CohortsIt started as a board game I made in sixth grade. The game on its own isn’t really complex enough to stand alone as a sophisticated strategy game, however. After releasing Odball for Odyssey I wanted to do another game. I figured this was the perfect opportunity to do something with that board game I made as a kid.

Mentis Cohorts was officially released on July 16th, 2012. It’s the second official Odyssey homebrew ever released.

The game consists of several games in one. Mentis, Mentis Strike, Ego Mentis, and Ego Mentis Siege. Unlike Odball which used a brand new game card, the previously never produced Game card 11, Cohorts uses Game Card 5, which was included in all Odyssey packages.

Mentis by itself is a two player board game that can be played independently of the Odyssey unit. Each player has nine tiles, dark and light, and the objective is to incapacitate the opponent. This is done by jumping the opponent’s pieces. The trick is that neither player can move unless they can jump over one of their own pieces first. The game requires thought and strategy to prevent becoming immobile.

Mentis Strike is the same board game, but it incorporates the Odyssey as an additional gameplay feature. In this version there are nine spaces on the board where the opponent is particularly vulnerable. If the opponent lands in one of those spaces then the player can exclaim “STRIKE!” and the battle moves to the Odyssey.

Mentis Cohorts Game Board

Ego Mentis is a single player game that does not include the Odyssey. It can be played with the game pieces alone. The player sets up 18 game pieces in a rectangle of six by three. The objective is to jump each piece so there is only one left. There are a number of ways to do solve this puzzle, but it’s still fun and challenging.

Ego Mentis Siege is the world’s first single player Odyssey game.

I’ve always wanted to do have a  single player game on Odyssey. This was the perfect opportunity to make that happen, not just for me, but for any Odyssey fan.

This mode of gameplay utilizes the same six by three configuration as Ego Mentis, but it’s an entirely different game. It works a lot like Atari’s famous hit, “Breakout.” The player has 18 moves to destroy all eighteen pieces utilizing the Odyssey and both controllers. It’s a game of reflex and skill.

Each package contains one Easter egg. The Easter eggs are located in different spots, randomly, in each package. Several packages of Mentis Cohorts also came with prototype materials, either from the development of the game, or the development of the previously released Odball.

Also, stay tuned. In the next week or so I’ll be releasing a free game for Odyssey that can be downloaded and assembled at home by fans. It will be a fast paced action oriented game for two players called Red vs. Blue.