Image Credit: zazzle.comIt’s true. To the surprise and horror of an untold number of citizens, an ancient Abrahamic religion is attempting to run not one, but several houses of worship near Ground Zero, the sacred land where the United States was viciously attacked by religions fanatics on September 11th, 2001, a day seared into the minds of everyone who was old enough to remember it.

These zealots put their religion above their country and even their families. In other words, their allegiance to their god comes before their allegiance to the United States or the people.

What makes this even more disturbing is that they bring with them their own form of religious law that does not mesh with either the Constitution, endless state and local ordinances, or morality of any kind as we know it. In fact, if they were to follow this religious code they would most likely end up in prison.

And evil religion…

To get just a basic understanding of how evil this horrible religion is, let’s review some of the laws that Americans find appalling.

Their god is murderous, advocating horrific human sacrifice multiple times. In some instances even newborns are the victims and children are offered as bunt sacrifices. Followers of the faith are even ordered to put the torch to nonbelievers the same way that the World Trade Center was burned.

Their religion is sexist. The fact that this doctrine of belief is murder filled has been established, so it should come as no surprise that a rapist be put to death. What’s ridiculous is that if the rape victim is a married woman then she must be stoned to death for dishonoring her husband. They don’t even allow for a woman to have any authority over a man. So much for gender equality.

Slavery is promoted. Without question, the United States is still healing from the wounds inflicted by slavery. The US, more than any other government in the world today, knows the true horrors of slavery. But these people want to come here and spread a religion that says it’s okay for a man to sell his daughter into slavery. It’s even okay to beat a slave to death as long as they survive for a few days before passing away.

Capital punishment is applied liberally. In this country most states and the federal government still apply capital punishment under certain circumstances. Many are opposed to it, more support it, but both sides can agree that it’s reserved for the most egregious and inhumane crimes. Not so in this particular faith. Their god orders them to murder homosexuals, children who talk back to, or hit their parents, commands that followers wipe out entire cities if just one person believes in a different god, and even kill their own people for worshipping on a particular day.

Without going any further, at this point it’s clear that anyone who believes in these things does not believe in the principles that America was founded upon.

If the beliefs aren’t enough to be convincing that these houses of worship shouldn’t be built near Ground Zero, then take into account that one of the projects is sponsored by another government that doesn’t even allow men and women to use birth control.

Through the rabbit hole…

Of course, the religion that I am talking about is Christianity; and all of the murderous, sexist, immoral laws are directly from the pages of the Bible. It’s not even difficult to find these kinds of things. By reading just a chapter or two they will emerge as obvious as the fireball produced when a plane crashes into a building.

The reason why I make this brutal, yet sobering, characterization of Christianity is because a large part of the central debate about the reason why a Mosque shouldn’t be built two blocks from Ground Zero is because of Sharia law, also known as “the sacred law of Islam.”

It’s true that Sharia does advocate some horrible concepts, like slave ownership, wife beating, rape, and murder, and more. Basically, it includes the same kinds of things as found in Biblical law. This really should be no surprise. As with Judaism, the god of Christianity and that of Islam are one and the same deity; the god of Abraham. That’s right, “Allah” is just another word for “god.”

Like Christians, most Muslims, especially Muslim Americans, do not adhere to one-hundred percent of their religious laws. They pick and choose the ones that they will follow. As in Christianity, the religious laws that Muslims follow are benign, mostly having to do with universally accepted moral codes and ways that worship should be conducted, and things of that nature.

The people who are condemning Muslims for what’s written in the text of the Qur’an are hypocritical hatemongers who prey on the ignorance of those willing to listen to them in order to sinisterly convert them to bigotry in the name of their personal political agenda.

Of course, when the average American hears that Sharia law says it’s okay to own, beat, and rape slaves, they don’t think twice when told that all Muslims share this belief. The vast majority of Americans haven’t ever read the Qur’an, Islam is generally alien to them, and six months ago they had never even heard of Sharia.

Those same Americans, over seventy-five percent of whom are Christian, would be equally shocked to discover that the Bible says the same unimaginable things. The difference is that Christianity isn’t alien to the American people. Everyone either knows a Christian, or is one, and they mostly aren’t murders despite some Biblical laws that demand blood.

Bigotry isn’t American…

If it’s easy to accept that most Christians don’t burn their children, then it should require equal difficulty to realize that Muslims don’t roam the streets of New York hunting down and killing adulters. The “Ground Zero Mosque” controversy is bigotry wrapped in patriotism and holding a cross, which is against what the founders of this country had envisioned for her future.

The men who carried out the 9-11 attacks were madmen, religious zealot extremists. However, they’re no more representative of all Muslims than the KKK is representative of all Christians. Anyone who says otherwise means to sow the seeds of deceit.